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Fish Report - 2014
Friday, 03 October 2014 00:00

Majestic Marlin Brasil 2014

Hello friends and fisherman! The season here on the Royal Charlotte Bank is fast approaching and after last year's fantastic fishing I am looking forward to another great year ahead of us.

On our quest for continued improvement we have just undertaken a major renovation on Casa LaMa. Our accommodation has had quite a facelift and we hope all our guests will enjoy the new look.

Camargue is getting the normal preseason makeover and is running great, she like the crew, is anxious to get back out there and have some fun chasing big blues.

Our great team are ready for all our friends, old and new, to join us this season. Lea and Rosie will be looking after you in the house and Thaiara is in the office. Renan and Andre are on the deck and we'll be putting our combined 30 years experience on the Charlotte Bank into delivering you a great fishing experience.

Last season the marlin were here early with Blues, Whites and Sailfish showing up in October. We released one blue first day out but unfortunately on the run home we hit a Sun fish (the boniest fish in the ocean which I can personally vouch for) which did some damage to our running gear, shaft, strut, prop and rudder. What a fish!!!! Luckily we were fixed quick and back in the game. 3 days with our Russian friends, Andrey Vorobev, Victor Chagaev, Bragat Hcachaturyan, Alexander Emilianov raised 13 billfish, 6 blues 5 whites and 2 sails, got 6 to strikes and released a blue 500 lb and a white. Nigel Williams got on the bite and released the first Grand Slam on 26th of Oct, achieved 2 from 2 blues, 3 from 3 whites and 1 sailfish.

November had a great run of marlin. In the 18 days we fished we released 45 blues, 18 whites and 5 sailfish. 1 blue weighed in at 585 lb. Biggest releases were, 900 lb, two 800lb, two 700 lb and six from 500 to 650 lb. 8 released one day and the 2nd Grand Slam for Camargue and the 1st for Gustavo Boetsch and sons , Nicolas and Lucas.

December the numbers dropped off but fishing was great. Over 20 days fishing, released 20 blues, 8 whites and 4 sails. Oliver Strätz and his friends, Patrick, Tobi & Ludger got second place in the tournament in December. Michael Callahan's 100th blue marlin for 2012 was 800 lb released and for his 2013 year his 100th blue weighted in at 805 lb.

I do have some days available for the upcoming season so don't miss out on a fishing trip in paradise here on the Royal Charlotte Bank, Brasil. Tight lines and great fishing wherever you are wetting a line.

Cheers Capt Shawn Wallace.

Fish Report - 2010 - December

Hello friends and fisherman

The water temperature has started to reach 27.5 C; the wind was still a little radical for the first half of the month and mostly southerly current. There has been a lot of bait on the edge of the Bank with some nice 60 to 100lb yellow fin tuna working the bait as well, don`t forget the dorados and wahoo. With all this the marlin had to show up at last.
12-01 Tim Choate was down from the US to try his luck, the first day out was calm seas and bait working everywhere. He raised 1 blue but no bite, soon after a double header of 90 lb yellow fin tuna and a sailfish at the same time. 
The next day was much the same calm and bait for miles. Tim raised a white marlin on the long lure and let a natural bait back to try and get a bite, after a few minutes he got the bite, the marlin was off on the 30 lb outfit, after a few minutes we realized this was a bigger fish, then a jump and it was a blue marlin. Tim fought the fish for 20 minutes and the marlin still had plenty of life on the leader, it made some great jump then the circle hook broke and what was left of the hook sliced Tim`s shirt open and left him with a good tag mark from the marlin. Just remember this is dangerous fishing so take care out there. This feisty fish was around 250 lb. Tim didn`t have time to lick his battle wound when he was hooked up again this time it was on the 130 and a quick fight releasing the 550 lb marlin in 15 minutes.
Day 3 and still calm but after an hour’s fishing we had a problem with one motor so we trolled around on one but no luck raising a marlin.
12-08 Dr Sergio and friends were up from Sao Paulo the first day out were moderate seas and rain showers passing through. We raised 2 marlin, had one bite and released a 350 lb marlin, the boys caught a 70 lb yellowfin and the wahoo and Dorado were snapping as well. The next day was a little better and the boys hooked up to a nice blue, after a 40 minute fight Pali Bordin released a 500 lb blue, his first marlin.
The 3rd day Dr Segio got a bite from a blue around 350 lb but after a 15 minute fight we pulled the hook, no luck that day, still some nice dorado and wahoo around.

12-12, Michael Callahan down from the US for his first fishing experience in Brasil. The first day out was a shitty one, wind and rain all day. For those of you that say you never catch marlin in the rain we had 3 marlin attacks and released 2, one around 250 lb and the other 350 lb, not bad for a rainy day, if you don`t have a bait in the water you won’t catch a fish.
The next day was much better and we raised 4 blues and 3 bites releasing one around 300 lbs. 
Day 3 and 4 was good fishing but terrible catching we raised 10 marlin had 8 bites and hooked none, bloody fishing! One of the marlin we pulled the hook on was around 900 lb. Day 5 was looking good the wind was down and sun shining. Mike didn`t have to wait long for a bite by 9am he was hooked up to a nice marlin after some great jumps he got the marlin to the boat and released his biggest to date at 750 lb. An hour later Mike was hooked up again, a hot little fish he released quickly around 300 lb.
15 minutes after that Mike was up again with an active 450 lb blue which put on a great show and was released in 15 minutes. We thought we were in for a good afternoon but we did not see another marlin after the 3rd fish.
The last day Mike raised 4 marlin had 2 bites and released 2 one around 350 lb and the other 500 lb.

The Blue marlin are here now but not in the numbers that we are use too. They are good size fish with a lot in the 450 to 700 lb range. I am expecting January to be great fishing and we should have good fishing till March. Want to get away from that shitty cold weather? I have some time available so contact Lea or myself and come for fill your fishing fantasies here in tropical Brasil.

Tight lines and a prosperous New Year to all.
Cheers Capt. Shawn Wallace

Fish Report - 2010 - November

Hello friends and fisherman

Winds out of the East and N/E and strong at times has the current moving in the right direction pushing lots of bait on the bank. The water temp is 26 to 27 C most days so a little cool for this time of year. A good chance, this is because of the La Nina system we have this year. There has been a few rough days this month with moderate seas most of the time.
31-10, Vinzenz Ploerer was here to show his son some open ocean fishing. 13 year old Edy was after a blue marlin. The first two days we raised 2 blues but no bites, there were plenty of Dorado to keep Edy busy. The last day 25kts of S/E wind and the current against the wind the weather was rough. The day was slow marlin fishing just as Edy thought it was over the flat line went off and Edy was hooked up to a nice blue marlin, Edy had his ass out of the chair most of the 30 min fight and he handled the big equipment like a pro. The fish weighed 574 Lb nice going for a 13 year old and nice first marlin.
08-11, Greg Wagner and friend Shawn Slowcum came down from the USA to try their luck. The blues were slow but Shawn released a 200 lb Blue on the 30 outfit and Greg released a sailfish and white marlin. In four days fishing we only raised 3 blues and had 2 bites.

11-13, up from Sao Paulo, Carlos Magalhães and friend Guto were back for some marlin action. Guto got into a nice white marlin on the 30 outfit, half way through the fight and the white was down but close to the boat a 700 lb blue marlin cruised across the back of the boat circled once and left. That was to be one of the two blues we saw in 3 days. The boys had fun with the whites and sailfish one of which was the largest Atlantic sail I have caught and the largest white I have caught; Dorado’s and wahoos are still here.
11-20, John Hsuan was over from Africa for a brake, and hope he could repeat past ventures here on the Royal Charlotte Bank, first day out we raised 3 blues had one bite but no luck coming tight on the lures. A big fish around 800 lb was all over the 50 shotgun but no luck grabbing the lure. The next two days was the same, blues slapping at the lures but not coming tight. The last day we managed to get a blue to hook up and Jon had the 700 lb blue to the back of the boat in 25 minutes to be released. Nice fish short but one of the fattest fish I have ever seen.

11-24, David Watkins and gang brother Andy, friends Dr Ray and Willow where here to try and win the tournament once again. The boys had a couple of days to practise the first day, we raised 3, had 2 bites and released a 350 lb blue. Next day David hooked into a 550 lb fish and after some good jumps he released the healthy blue.

11-26 The first day of the tournament saw 12 boats fishing, mostly down from Salvador. The weather was calm and the fishing was slow, 10 Blue marlin raised and one released by Alcapora. 7 white marlin raised, 6 sailfish were raised, one sailfish was weighed and lots of Dorado and wahoo.

Next day had a little more wind which stirred up a few blues, at 2.00pm Alcapora hooked up then 10 minutes later Camague hooked up and 5 minutes later Pityleo hooked up all within a ¼ mile. Now it was down to who had the biggest fish. There were 11 blues raised, 8 whites raised and 6 sailfish on the second days fishing. Alcapora took first place with a 455 lb or 207 kg blue and one released. 2nd place went to Pityleo with a 486 lb or 221 kg blue and 3rd place was Camague with a 424 lb or 193 kg blue.

The blues have not shown up in big numbers so far but they are nice size with most fish 400 to 700 lbs. Yellowfin tuna up to 100 lb or 46 kg have been working the edge and a good site, we still have white marlin and sailfish here with lots of dorado and wahoo.
Tight lines to all.
Cheers Capt. Shawn Wallace.

Fish Report - 2010 - October

Hello friends and fisherman

October,10 our first days saw Vladimir Tonussi and son Tiago with friend from Brasil.
It was not what we were hoping for; we had 20 knts of S/E wind so we were in for a ride. Soon after the lures were set the attacks started. The dorado where hungry and the wahoo where right behind them. We raised 3 billfish, 2 white marlin and 1 sailfish but no bites.
10-11 was totally different, the ocean was calm. The boys wanted to try their new electric reels, as I was looking for a place to jig we hooked a sailfish on the 30 lb reel with a Yo Zury lure we released the fish quickly, I thought we were in for a good day, but fishing is not like that the current was not working for us so the jigging was not happening. We put the big lures out and went hunting blues, we raised 2 whites around 100 lb and one blue around 150 lb but no bites. We stopped for some more jigging the boy`s got a couple of bites from amberjack but pulled the hooks. While we were jigging 2 white marlin around 100 lb circled the boat then chased some bait fish under the boat, what a great sight for the boys.

10-14 Charles Holloway was back for some R&R and try his luck. The first day out had moderate seas and a slight southerly current, we were looking for blue marlin but no luck, we raised 3 white marlin, getting one bite on the 30 outfit and releasing it.
10-15 Charles raised a blue but no bite, while we were chasing white we raised 7 had 3 bites and released 2, raised 2 sailfish got a bite but didn`t pull any line.
10-16 we tried for whites and sails, raised 7 whites, had 2 bites and released one, now noticing the white are a good size this year with a lot around the 100 lb range.
10-17 last day so we were after blues but still too early, we raised 1 but no bite. Late in the afternoon we had a double header of nice whites, both attached but only hooked one after a 20 minute fight on the 30lb outfit Charles got the fish to the boat, nice 100 lb white marlin. The blue marlins are not here yet in any numbers but the white marlin and sailfish has been good fun on light tackle and here in good numbers and size, has been noticeably bigger this year. The Dorado and wahoos are thick this month, my lures are a testament to that with many mutilated in these first days of fishing.

Tight lines and good fishing.
Cheers, Capt Shawn Wallace

Fish Report - 2010 - February 22

Marlin Fishing Brasil
20/02/10 to 21/02/10

Hello friends and fisherman

Charles HollowayThe Blue Marlin fishing has stayed good all month here on the Royal Charlotte Bank Brasil. The weather has been a bit erratic with wind from north to south and mostly calm seas.  There was some rain but this passes very quickly. A good southerly current pushing onto the bank with that Deep Blue Water that has been 29 to 30 C, everyday. Bloody beautiful.

On the 20th February Charles Holloway was back and in for a great weekend; Saturday Charles didn`t have to wait long for a bite. A marlin around 300 lb attracted the long lure but did not come tight; the marlin came up on the 50 and attached it several time but would not stay hooked.

Charles HollowaySoon after that a nice marlin came up on the large lure and a perfect bite close to the boat, the fish went down and fort hard with the drag pushed up, Charles had a job getting the fish to the boat, 25 minutes later he released the marlin, a nice 500 lb.  Before lunch another marlin attacked the long lure, it run 50 meters of line off and spat the lure, the fish was around 500 lb. At 1.30pm the long lure had another aggressive attack and Charles was hooked up again, the marlin made some great jumps and small runs, Charles had her released in 20 minutes, second biggest at 700 lb.

Charles HollowaySunday conditions looking good once again, we raised 3 marlin, they all made very aggressive attacks on different lures, but none would stay hooked, all the marlin were around 400 lb. That’s fishing: heroes to zeros in a day. We did see some large yellow fin tuna, chasing small bonitos on the surface, not a normal site for this time of the year, but a welcome one, big bait big fish. The few we saw were around 100 lb.

Once again the Royal Charlotte Bank is living up to its reputation as a hot Large Atlantic Blue Marlin Fishing Ground. Get some friends together, come enjoy our  playground and fill your fishing fantasies.

Capt Shawn Wallace

Fish Report - 2010 - February 15
Sunday, 14 February 2010 00:00

Marlin Fishing Brasil
28 /1/10 to 14/2/10

Hello friends and fisherman

The 28th January Tim Thomasson joined us aboard the Camargue to try his luck again this year; his first day out was moderate seas and a good southerly current with the water temp around 29 C (84 F), everything looking good for fishing. Tim hooked a Sailfish first up and released it on the 50 lb reel. At 12.30 he had a double header of blue marlin, Tim got a bite from the larger one and the fight was on. The fish went crazy first up then settled down, Tim had it to the boat in 25 min and we released the marlin around 500 lb or 230 kg. We had 3 more bites from sailfish and released 1 on the 50 again.

On the 29th January Luca Fortino and friends Celso Akira e Marcio Rangel from S. Paulo where here. Luca was back to show his friend the great jigging we can have here but we were not lucky with the jigging, the full moon had put the bottom fish off the bite. We opted to troll 30 and 50 lb outfit to try our luck, the boys caught some nice wahoo around 55 lb, dorado and large Bonitos where plentiful as well, with sailfish and bait jumping along the edge to make it a good day.

The 30th the jigging was still not happening so we trolled light tackle again and the boys caught a couple of nice bull dorado 53 lb-24 kg each. We put two 130 reels out at 11.30 to try for a marlin; after an hour a blue raced in and attacked the lure, Luca was hooked up to a blue around 250 lb-120 kg and after a 15 min fight Luca released his marlin. Back to light tackle and a couple more wahoo, dorado and large bonito made another good days fishing.

The 1st Feb Tim was fishing again, the weather was looking good and we raised 2 marlins but could not get a bite from them; the wahoo were abundant and a few large dorado were around which was great on the BBQ that night.
We took the next day off, the Coyote with owner Bill Thomson on board fishing, the boys had a great day raising 3 blues, releasing one around 650 and the other 500 lb.

The 3rd Tim was back out there and once again everything was looking good; started fishing at 7.45, we had a double header up, got a bite from a marlin around 500 lb-230 kg but pulled the hook, at the same time the 50 lb reel went off with a 250 lb blue going crazy. After 15 min Tim released the marlin. Tim released another blue soon after around 200 lb. Not long after that he got a bite from a nice blue over 600 lb and he was hooked for 15 min after some great runs and jumps the fish dove and we pulled the hook. Tim raised 2 more blues and had a bite from one, both around 250 lb, caught a few wahoo and had bites from dorado. The end of the day we raised another doubled header of small blues, one wanted to eat the bird, the other behind wanted the lure but we could not get either of them.

The 4th we had a weather change come through rain and wind, the marlin slowed but we managed to release a blue around 250 lb, Tim caught a few big wahoo and bites from dorado.
All up we raised 14 blues, had 9 bites and released 5. We also raised 6 sailfish, had 4 bites and released 2.

The 10th February David Watkins was back in Canavieiras to enjoy the great fishing and Carnival which is a great National party here in Brasil. The first day was only a half day starting fishing at 12 and it was only 40 minutes before David was hooked up to a blue marlin. The marlin attacked the large lure and quickly run 400 meters of line out, stayed down and fought hard. We thought we had a big fish on, David pushed the drag up and got the marlin close to the boat, after a couple of more good runs he got the fish to the boat and it was 250 lb - 113 kg, the marlin was foul hooked in the side, great fight for a small fish. The Large Dorado where still here and he caught one 51 lb- 23 kg.

11th the conditions for fishing looking good, water temp was 29 C (84 F) a good southerly current and a moderate easterly seas breeze. With small yellowfin and bonitos jumping on the surface it was not long before we saw a 500 lb- 230 kg marlin feeding on the surface but we could not get her to eat. Not long after David was hooked up and the marlin was going crazy, as we cleared the other lines a 500 lb-230 kg marlin followed a lure to the boat, we pitched a Dorado belly to the marlin but no luck getting a bite so we went back to catching David’s marlin. After some great jumps we got the marlin to the boat and released this acrobatic fish; it was around 400 lb -180 kg. Later we got another bite from a marlin but no luck staying hooked, many bites from wahoo and dorado but only one 40 lb wahoo for the BBQ .

12th David`s good friend Nigel Williams from Wales arrived and was enjoying the warmth of Brasil. The wind was up and from the east /southeast but the waves were spread apart so it was not to uncomfortable. The bait was still here and it was not long before the long lure was attached and David’s luck the bite was on his rod, the marlin was very acrobatic once again and after a 20 minute fight David released the marlin around 450 lb-200 kg. We had very aggressive bites from a marlin around 300 lb-140 kg but did not come tight. We also had 8 bites from large dorado and wahoo but did not stay hooked to one.

Late afternoon we got another aggressive bite from a large marlin, it pulled 50 meters off line and the hook pulled, we left the lure out, spun around on the marlin and got another bite from the large marlin; it started to run fast jumping on the surface we could see it was a nice marlin, after the fish settled down David pushed the drag up and had her to the boat in 25 minutes. She was a nice marlin around 650 lb-300 kg and after all that she was lassoed around the bill with the hooks, lucky David once again.

13th February the wind had dropped and sun shining, Nigel was keen to catch a marlin, he did not have to wait too long for a bite and the marlin missed the lure totally the first try but got it the second. Nigel was hooked to a nice marlin; she ran some line out and jumped in the distance, then stopped and ran down sea to the boat. Nigel pushed the drag up, caught the marlin in 15 minutes and released it, around 550 lb-250 kg. Not long after a marlin around 200 lbs-90 kg attacked the long lure 7 times and did not get hooked, lucky fish.
The weather changed and we had rain on and off most of the afternoon. Catch of the day late the 50 lb reel went off with a yo zori lure and to our amazement David caught a turtle, the hooks got the shell and flipper the barb, it did not penetrate the skin, it is very tough, we took the lure off and sent it on its way. Nigel caught a 32 lb-14 kg dorado and a 36 lb-16 kg wahoo.

We have had some good fishing here and it should keep going through March and April, the marlins are here and lots of wahoo on the edge this year after an absence the last couple of years. Large dorado and amberjack are cruising the edge so whatever your fishing style email or
call lea or myself to come and enjoy paradise. We are getting bookings for next season already so get in soon so you don`t miss out on the great fishing here on the Royal Charlotte Bank.

Tight lines for all.

Capt Shawn Wallace

Fish Report - 2010 - January
Sunday, 31 January 2010 00:00

Hello friends and fisherman

CamargueIt has been a while since I had a chance to send you all a report from the Royal Charlotte Bank. I have arrived back in Canavieiras with the Camargue, a 39.5 ft Cabras Mars, and we are set up for fishing with a new operation called Majestic Marlin Brasil. This is a family business that will provide you with organized and private fishing trips, weather you are chasing the large majestic blue marlin or a day light tackle and jigging.
Casa La MaLea and myself know what fisherman want and have provided you with a larger more comfortable boat that will make fishing here a memorable experience, accompanied with Casa La Ma, our private accommodation, this will make it an unforgettable trip.

We had the Annual Marlin Fishing Tournament on the 19th and 20th of November, with 9 boats participating. Fishing aboard the Camargue was Catarina Zanaga, husband Eduardo Costa and son Tiago. We had great fishing but no luck catching.

The first day we raised 5 blues had 3 bites but jumped them all off, two where in the 500 and 650 lb range; we also saw a large blue marlin tailing down sea, the fish was around the 1000 lb mark, we got the baits to her but she would not bite after 5 mins of baiting her. Most of the boats raised 3 or 4 marlin and Roberto Costa & friends fishing on his boat Dodo IV were in the lead with one blue released and one weighing 453 lb or 206 kg.
The second day out Camargue raised 8 blues around 300 to 400 lb, we got bites from 3 and Eduardo released 1 around 300 lb. Most boats raised 2 or 3 marlin the second day, Rafaela caught one that weighed 498 lb or 226 kg and Dodo IV released two more blues to win the tournament. Pitleo came second and Rafaela third place.

Mauricio Pettoruto from Switzerland was here to try marlin fishing for the first time, we raised 3 blues, caught and released all 3; the largest was around 450 lb the other 2 were around 300 lb.

Charles HollowayDr Sergio Cordoni and friends from Foz do Iguacu where here to try marlin fishing for the first time. The first day out was slow for most of the day, at 3.30 a large marlin came up on the short lure and turned and attacked the other short lure, it massive head and shoulders came out of the water, this was a marlin around 1000 lb; it went down and turned north and stayed down after 1 ½ hours, we had the double out of the water, the fish was 40 ft away and there was a lot of colour under the boat, but this was as close as she was coming. We fought her for another hour and then she made a run deep and died in 600 m of water, the southerly current pushed us back on the edge and cut the line on the bank. The next 2 days the weather was a little rough and the boys opted to take it easy and not fish.

Rogerio Andrade  and family where here to try their luck marlin fishing, with 3 days fishing we only raised 4 marlin, had one bite and no luck catching it. They caught some Dorado and Wahoo.

Charles Holloway Bev HollowayCharles and Bev Holloway were here to fish on their new boat, fishing a couple of days Charles and Bev raised a few marlin and released one around 300 lb; Bev was kept busy catching Dorado and Wahoo for dinner and tuna for sashimi.


Bruno VincintinBruno VincintinBruno Vincintin was back in Canavieiras and the first day we went to the drill platform and had good fishing. Bruno got a bite early and we had a very acrobatic marlin on, unfortunately the fish got the leader around its tail, dove deep, the fish was now being pulled backwards which drowned the marlin; it weighed 375 lbs.
We raised another marlin soon after around 500 lb but no bite. We did some jigging close to the platform and caught lots of big eye tuna around 15 lbs. Later in the afternoon we raised a fish around 800 lb but once again no bite.

The second day the current slowed, the water temperature went up and the fishing slowed at the platform so we went jigging on the edge; caught Dorado, Wahoo and Amberjack. The last day we fished the Charlotte Bank, the current had stopped so this was not good for marlin, we did not raise a marlin but Bruno caught a bunch of Wahoo and Dorado.

Tim ThomassonTim Thomasson was back to fish the Royal Charlotte Bank over the new year; the first day out he released 2 blues one around 400 lb and the other 300 lb, we had another bite from a fish around 500 lb but no luck staying hooked. The next day we fished the bank, raised 2 marlin and 2 sailfish but they were just slapping at the baits, not hungry.

The 3rd day we fished the platform again and raised 2 blues, one around 500 lb attacked the short lure but didn`t stay hooked. The last day was on the bank again and the first day of the New Year. We raised 3 blues and a sailfish, Tim released 2 blues, one with no Bill, around 120 lb and another around 250 lb; Tim got another bite from a fish around 500 lb but did not stay on. We raised a sailfish as well that day.

As you can see I started the season late this year and have not seen a run of marlin that we are use too, they might have come through in October but no one was marlin fishing here. I believe we will have good fishing over the next 3 months, raising up to 3 or 4 marlin a day and most of the fish are over 500 lb at this time off year.

The weather has been good most of the time here with calm to moderate seas. The bottom fishing and jigging has been good on the bank as well for those of you that like to jigg.

CanavieirasPlease check out our website www.majesticmarlin.com.br and give Lea or myself a call to put a package together for you to come and enjoy our great fishing on a comfortable boat, the Camargue. Relax for a while in tranquil Canavieiras and let that stress just disappear.

Lea and I hope that everyone will have a prosperous new year.
Tight lines to all.
Capt Shawn Wallace

Shawn Wallace | Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | Tel: + 55 73 9972-0006
Lea Wallace | Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | Tel: + 55 73 9978-3259

Fish Report - 2009 - August
Monday, 31 August 2009 00:00

Hello friends and fisherman

Update from one of the Blue marlin hot spots.
I’m am no longer working with Adrenalina Fishing. I have moved on and will be starting a new operation here in Canavieiras with a 39 ft Boat.  Lea Wallace and I will be providing you with the best service possible from the closest departure point to one of the greatest fishing grounds in the world, the Royal Charlotte Bank.

With eight seasons here fishing on the Royal Charlotte Bank and 27 years experience catching big marlin, I will show you the fish! The program is going to be the same, 07:00 departure, unless the tides say otherwise and return after sunset.

The season can start towards the end of September/October with white marlin showing up, raising 5 to 10 a day. With good conditions blue marlin are here as well. The bottom fishing is also good large amberjack, red snappers, dorado, wahoo, trevally and tuna, all good fun with electric reels or spinning rods.

By November the marlin are usually here in big numbers raising 12 and my best 26 in a day. Lots of small males with 150 lb to 350 lb and they are always accompanied by those big females that get over 1000 lbs. With this activity you regularly have 2 to 5 marlin attacking the lures and teasers at once, this carries on to December.  January to March is calmer weather and up to 5 marlin raises a day with 75% over 500 lbs. After a great day fishing enjoy a cocktail or two on the pier and talk about the great catch of the day or the one that got away.

Light tackle and bottom fishing is another option, troll between jigging spots for white marlin, wahoo, dorado and mackerel. Once on the jigging spot use electric or spinning reels to catch large amberjack, red snapper, grouper, yellow tail, trevally and the list goes on. There is no discount for light tackle trips in November and December.

Casa La Ma, for most of you that know the house, there is not much I can say. With renovations to Casa La Ma recently, she is looking good. Expect that same private service that you are use too.  Rose will be making those great breakfasts that she does so well and cocktails when you get home.

Léa and myself know what the fisherman want and will provide you with a great fishing experience here in Canavieiras, Brazil. We are in the process of setting up the web site.

Tight Lines to all,
Capt Shawn Wallace

Majestic Marlin Brasil | Website: www.majesticmarlin.com.br | Tel: + 55 73 32842947
Shawn Wallace | Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | Tel: + 55 73 9972-0006
Lea Wallace | Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | Tel: + 55 73 9978-3259


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